They’re Back!

Romping and running and noisy as ever.
Like music to our ears. It was just too quiet.
Bright-eyed KC got through this with just a couple of sneezes.
Faith Boo loves her hammock and the snuggle
(check out this snuggle — gorgeous).
Sol is the last to get well, but even he was up playing this morning.
Mr. Smokey, who got sick first, is doing much better.

Fun Friday into Saturday

***** UPDATE ******
The kittens are starting to play again!
Faith has been resting in her Ham-Mick all day long.
Missy & Smokey slept on the new Snuggle from DKM.
BJ slept in the box the Furminator shipped in.
Sol slept in the sky box directly over the humidifier.
KC slept on the Gizzy Quilt in the big chair.
And now, at 10:30 pm, they are all up,
running, jumping, eating and playing!
I’ve been busy restructuring the Pet Prayer & Praise blog,
changing it to Pet Purrs & Purrayers, hopefully to make it more cat-like.
Please give us feedback on how you like the new look.

And I’ll get a brand new post up with peppy, playful cats.
Thank you, one and all, for all the purrs and purrayers
and encouragement that got us through this.

Not much going on around here today,
we’ve got 6 cats with varying degrees of sniffles
and two really worried beans.
But we opened “cat mail” from yesterday & today.

Here is Faith’s ham-mick she won in the raffle from 40 Paws
and she shows us how to assemble it.

Once assembled, she makes a flying dash across, but doesn’t stay.
Sol comes up to test it out (see Faith to the right?).
Sol decides it is the purrfect place to recover.
This stunning snuggle came today from DKM, it is beyond gorgeous.
Poor Missy has the sniffles and can’t smell the nip tucked inside.
I think she’s spotted the nip, though.
Finally, a surprise from Auntie Deb — a Furminator
and toys for each kitty and some treats.
We’ll get around to those when our sniffles go away.
KC spent the day sleeping on Missy’s “Blues” Gizzy Quilt.
No doubt dreaming of Jack… he got her Valentine’s present,
a framed photo of her with charms and beads, handmade by Artsy-Catsy.

My Prize is Here!

Mommy ML was so sick today, she slept and slept. I was sick, too, and me an Smokey, an Sol, an BJ, we all slept beside her. None of us heard tha Man in Blue Shorts knock on the door and leave a big package. A big package from 40 Paws!

That’s my Kitty Ham-Mick I won in tha raffle for Churchill. Mommy said she still feels “green around the gills”, whatever that means, and we’ll open my package later. I can’t wait. There’s some photos from 40 Paws with a furry handsome cat testing my new bed. Hope there is lots of cat hair on it. Love the way it “sags” down, like a real hammick.

We’ll post lots of pictures later today… Faith Boomerang

Sol – I love mine brother BJ

Sol here.
I missed Mancat Monday due to being in the Cat Hospital.
I’ll be ready for it next week, though.
My brother BJ took such good care of me Sunday,
when I felt soooo bad.
He snuggled with me…
and let me prop my stuffed up head on his shoulder
so I could sleep and breathe at the same time…
… he made sure no one disturbed my sleep ….
… he groomed me and gave me lots of kisses.
That’s what brothers are for!

Faith and I are back home!
They have nicknamed me “Snotty Sol”, guess I don’t have to tell you why.
Aside from the URI, I feel grrrreat.

I came home to find out I’s a member of the Tuxedo Gang
and now the House Panthers!
That’s quite a bit for a little guy like me in one day!

We received this award from Queen Snickers.
And we pass it on to Farmer Beezer
fur his eggcellent Spring Farm Reepurrt.

The Boys Are Back Furrever!

Breaking noos: Miss Faith Boo and big brofur Sol are in the kitty hospital today. They have the same upper respiratory infeckshun that Smokey had last week. They are furry dehydrated and kept Mommie ML up all night long, wheezing and vomiting.
Please keep them in your prayers.
Also, keep Churchill’s Mommie Rhiannon in your prayers, she is very sick, in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer.
Faith Boomerang is the winner in the
40 Paws Ham-Mick Raffle to benefit Churchill.


Pictures of the boys’ first day home from the shelter.

The four, Faith, Sol, BJ & Smokey in their forever home
with Missy Blue Eyes & KC (not pictured)
Smokey wasn’t feeling well, you can tell in these photos.
His twin brother, BJ, helps him start eating again.

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

Yup, we haf a (partial) correct guess in one of tha comments:

Did you get to adopt Smokey and/or Sol? We sure hope that’s it! purrs, The Cats Stephens [3/01/2008 06:23:00 AM]

We gotted Smokey and Sol and BJ back last Sunday. Yay.

Smokey is very sick with an almost-URI and Sol just started coughing. Effurrycat is on lisine and Smokey is also on antibiotic after spending tha night at tha vet fur evaluation an tests. Thems skeduled to haf hoohaa-ectomies on Toosday, but they may not be able to cause of being almost-sick.

Will post some pickshures later, but didn’t want ta keep effurryone in suspense any longer.

Purrs, KC

pee ess: Since these three boys were the most non-aggressive of the Mites, effurrybody is getting along grrrreat. it wuz so quiet wif just us three gals here. hee hee.

Former Feral & Sick Furriends Friday… plus some Fun

It’s Friday, and two sweet formal ferals are sound asleep. Click to biggify.

We’ve got some very sick kitties we are worried about:
Little Kitten (LK)Lilly LuFelixPepper

And, a MAJOR surprise here at the Sherwood Shelter!
It’s biggie noos, as KC says.

We will announce it this weekend.
KC said she bets no cat can guess what it is!

Don’t furrget our Weekend Activities:

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The Carnival of the Cats #207 – Grace & Kittens
Sunday Evening 3/2/2008
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And this weekend, the CAT BLOGOSPHERE is hosting
the furrst ever SQUILLIONS CONTEST
in honor of Squillions Day (2/28) and Derby & Virginger.
Here is the prize package from KC & Company (comfy chair and Gizzy Quilt NOT included): a collector’s 2007 Original The Squillions poster calendar; a Squillions tee shirt (XL); a KC reepurrter button; a Squillions button; a Kitty Cats Treat Kit (with recipe, catnip and fish-shaped cutter); wooden sign (Lord, help me be the person my cat thinks I am) from Mo’s Wren’s Nest; Nip Ravioli; Kitty Stickers; Cat Blogosphere 2007 postcard; a huge bag of kitty grass seeds from Poopsie Cats; plus cool stuff from Prairieland Herbs).