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Malcolm and "No Name Yet" Kitten

Please check out a very special site:, run by Malcolm and Jillian.

A few days ago, while out for a “coffee fix”, Malcolm saw something in the street, limping in traffic. With two cars aiming for it, he ran into traffic, stopped the cars, and retrieved a half-dead kitten. The Momma cat stood helplessly on the curb watching, unable to venture into the congested traffic.

Malcolm first tried to find the owner, knocking on doors nearby. Then, realizing the cat was barely breathing, he rushed it to a nearby animal hospital. “No Name Yet”, the kitten’s temporary name, is now recovering at home with Malcolm.

What happens next is the ongoing story at his website. So far he is out over $1300 in vet bills and is trying to raise funds online. He posts regularly throughout the day as the developments unfold.

If you can donate, please do. But even if you can’t, check out his site. Just the heartwarming story of a young man saving an innocent kitten from certain death makes it a good read. After all the negative news we endure on a daily basis, finding one person like Malcom makes it all worthwhile. Please, please, please, pass this story on to everyone you know.


Missy’s New Toys…

Finally found Missy a Turbo Scratcher with the ball that goes ’round. She has a Super Scratcher, but it doesn’t have a ball, she sleeps on it.

Well, okay, she is sleeping on this one, too. But that is her fav pastime.

There is also a new catnip plant and a feather teaser that is supposed to be “perpetual motion”. Ha, the fan is blowing it around.

But look how happy she is, she is quite proud of her new things.

And look, Tazz, the poodle next door — and Bear’s best friend — decided she really liked Missy’s new toy:

Captain Casper (Cas-purr)

Believe it or not, this is Casper. Doesn’t he look like Missy?

I don’t have any baby pictures of Missy, but here is one of Casper, he is adorable (of course).

Missy & Casper

Here are pictures of Casper (above) and Missy.

They do favor each other. Seeing them together makes it easier to compare.

The colors appear different, but it could just be lighting.

The markings are certain similar.

After I restore my crashed computer, am going to make some Casper wallpaper for Missy to enjoy. Then I’ll post a picture of her gazing at Casper on the computer screen.