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KC: Day 7 – One Week Anniversary

Here is KC today, 7/29, one week after arriving in Houston.
Below are a couple of pictures for comparison.
This is the infamous “LA Outlaw” mug shot taken Sunday, 7/16.
KC had just been brought in and photographed when Karen C dropped by the shelter.
On Friday 7/21, KC was freed after a day of phone calls from Deb*
She spent that night with Karen C. & family.
You could already see the relief in her face.
* She who must be obeyed

KC: Day 6 Close Up

KC: Day 6


KC: Day 5 Photo

KC, snuggled up in a little kitty ball, sound asleep on Charley’s desk. Look at those red & white stripes!

KC: Day 5

Today has been great. KC is doing so much better. The antibiotic must be working. She is so lively, she has stopped panting and is breathing through a runny nose. She is wolfing down food, playing with free abandon, climbing and “flying” off anything and everything. She knows her name, KC (Kay-CEE). And she thinks Bear is her mom.

Bear is teaching young KC well. And KC is picking it all up. Life lessons, such as never eat directly from a plate! Too boring. Spread it all over the floor.

Remember the turbo scratcher, originally purchased for Missy? The one Missy used for a bed, complete with tail-holder? Well, little KC fits perfectly in the “tail-holder” part. She gets in there and runs round and round, pushing the ball in front of her. Will post pictures later.

KC has an appointment tomorrow (Friday) at 3:30 p.m. with Dr. Smith of the Houston Cat Hospital. We plan to meet Godmother Deb at the vets and go on to Petco for some wonderful toys, maybe even a climbing tree! And we promise photos this time!!!

Thank You, Deb

My new necklace matches my new kitten! My pictures are not very good, but trust me, it is gorgeous. Some of the stones are faceted and sparkle. Just perfect. This is MY style of jewelry. Click on the photo to see it up real close! BTW, the gift card just had a big evil laugh!

KC: Day 4

KC is sleeping on my shoulder while I type. She spent last night sleeping on Charley and then me.

It is flooding outside. When If it stops raining, will take KC to vet: she can’t breathe thru her nose and gasps. It’s normal for a shelter kitty and she is taking antibiotic. And, oh, is she gaining weight. Bet her little fat belly weighs a pound by itself. In the other photo, KC has discovered the joys of kitty grass. I was getting her RX ready, so she was up on the kitchen counter where I keep Missy’s grass.