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9/30 Week 10 with KC

KC says get on over to WEEKEND CAT BLOGGING #69, hosted by her good furrr-ends at the House of (Mostly) Black Cats.

Go say hi to Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi as well as Mom Robyn and Grandma Cat and find out what’s going on.

If you know something that’s going on or should be posted this weekend, share it with the other cats…just click here to send it to Hot(M)B!

Lookie, lookie…it’s offishul…i’s a ree-porter.
See me guarding tha fax ma-sheen for braking news!


KC sleeps in the most unusual places.
Sometimes it is just to be near Missy.


What BIG eyes you have, KC!

9/27 – Waiting and watching

What are these two little girls up to today? Both of them sitting so quietly in the window? Missy says they are worried about two furr-iends…Ullrick and Rajjah.

Ullrick is a sweet little Norwegian Forest Cat living in Sweden. He has taken ill in the past few weeks, losing weight. His mommie took him to the vet for a lot of tests yesterday. Today they are performing exploratory surgery. They still are unsure what the problem is, they do know he is a very sick little boy. Please keep Ullrick and his Mommie in your purr-rayers today.

UPDATE: Little Ullrick went to the Bridge today. He was a very sick little guy. He is no longer suffering. Please pray for his Mommie and sis-fur Vessa.

Rajjah is a gorgeous little kitten adopted by Heather. Some big hunting dogs have been getting out of their cages in the rural area where they live. They have chased cats up trees. They chased little Rajjah off into the woods on 9/16. Heather is just heartbroken, as she and Rajjah shared a very special bond. Please keep Rajjah and Heather in your purr-rayers today also.


Fanks you, Skeezix… i gots ur package today fer ur purrrr-thday. It wuz so neat. I gots tha fev-ver toys, boths of ’em, and runs away wifs ’em and hides ’em from Missy. Also took the FOS button* and hides it froms Mommie, ’cause she’s bin lookin’ fer that. Hee-hee. Fanks again, KC.

Uh-oh, looks like KC better check on those toys …Missy did have her eye on this beauty, a peacock fev-ver. Missy was totally captivated by it and looks like she re-took it when KC wasn’t watching.

Thanks, Skeezix, that was so sweet to send such a wonderful package for YOUR birthday!!!

Okay, you gals, you gotta remember to SHARE! Speaking of sharing, even Bear (the poodle woofie) enjoyed, she sampled the lucious lobster and really liked it.


Little Luna has been found!

Meowers from Missouri have a translation of the Spanish post on Luna’s blog.

9/23 – 9 Weeks w/KC

I ordered a Silly Snake for Missy and KC. It arrived Saturday, in time to mark KC’s 9-week anniversary with us. KC was a bit apprehensive about the snake, but Missy got up from her afternoon nap (!) to “rescue” me from Silly Snake. Missy is normally so laid back, so placid, it was fun to see her “come to life” — rolling over and over to “kill” her prey. There is a bit of nip inside the snake. And some crinkly stuff and a bell. Just a kitty cat’s dream.

Christina included extra goodies in my order!!! A tiny, soft flannel pillow with a rope and bell that KC claimed immediately. And a beautiful wooden ornament — round with painted golden stars and glitter — she and her mom made. That’s an ornament for cat people, they won’t shatter and break! Even the packing is gorgeous. “I [heart] cats” ribbon, pretty greeting card, story cards attached to each item with silk threads, all colors of tissue paper. A very nice presentation if it was to be a gift — if you and your cats could part with it.

Check out Christina’s store on Ebay. She is setting up the Harmony Pillows website. If you want to contact her directly, use the website or ask and I’ll send your her email.