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Extreme Tortitude

What goes up….
…must come down!

10/27 Formerly Feral Friday, Part 2

i didn’t see tha angel, Karen, fur a while ’cause she ‘n Deb (Taylor Catsssss) wuz workin hard ta get me outta tha shelter. theys talked ta my mommie-to-be, who quickly said, “no more cats“, but that she would helps. hee-hee. Karen, Deb ‘n i all knew where i was gonna live, jus mommie ML didn’t know yet.

Karen comes ‘n gits me and takes me home from tha shelter. fur tha furrst time, i feels safe. i gotted ta stay wif Cocoa, Midnight ‘n Grr, ‘n Karen’s girls. it wuz heaven. they tooked these piksures of me. i wuz so happy, u coulds see it in mine face.

later, Karen puts me back in mine carrier ‘n tells me i’m going ta my “furever” home. i don’t wanna leave hers. tha airplane ride takes furever. i didn’t knows it, but another angel, QM Rose, wuz tha Air Traffic Controller so lots of poodins could track my flight.

then i hears noises. shrieking, lotsa shrieks ‘n “ohhhh there she is” ‘n squealin. ‘n lots of flashy lights. ‘n my cage door is opened, ‘n Deb pulls me out. she and my mommie be cryin ‘n laffin ‘n ohhhhin ‘n ahhhhhin. i likes it.

then my mommie ML picked me up ‘n hugged me, ‘n i knowed it wuz a Done Deal. she wasn’t bouts ta lets me go!

‘n my new Daddie Charley, who wuz posy-tive he don’t wanna kitten, be flashey. Sloane, Deb’s daughter, be on tha other side, flashey. i likes it.

in tha car, i knows what i gots ta do next. i crawls outta Mommie ML’s lap to Daddie Charley. i climbs up on hims shoulder. then i cuddles ‘n purrs ‘n stares at hims. by tha time we gots home, it wuz a done deal. Daddie didn’t put me down all day. hee-hee.

i’s a very lucky kittie to haf so many angels.

DON’T FURRGET – The 136th Carnival of the Cats will be celebrating Halloween Week at Watermark on Sunday October 29, 2006.

10/25 – What is this?

when Mommie cleaned mine water bowl today, she fills it wif water…
‘n sumfing else…
i’s not sure what that fing is in mine water bowl…
i’s gotta watches it…
…it be kinda skeery.
haf u’s seen anyfing like this?

10/24 Toosday

A beautiful, sumptious new kitty bed.
It has been available for over three days.
Where are the kitties are sleeping, since no one is using the luxurious new bed…..?

KC has a favorite spot in an old, empty bin…not too comfy…

Missy sleeps in a storage box in the closet…

Finally, KC claims the comfy new bed. Shhhhhh!

(as usual, click on pictures to BIGGIFY!)

10/20 Former Feral Friday

Darlin Millie hads tha idee fur Formerly Feral Friday after we’s celly-brated National Feral Cat Day on October 16th.

i’s start wif my story. all us formerly feral cats haf a story. ’cause mosts of us come off tha streets. somes of us is lucky ‘n gets a home. a lots of us isn’t so lucky.

i wuz one of tha lucky ones, ’cause i’s haf two angels. i’s wouldn’t be here today if’n it wuzn’t fur them.

i wuz broughted into a shelter, don’t ‘member who broughted me. i was about 4 weeks old. i was tired an angry an hungry an reely skeered. i wuz founded on tha streets, by myselfs. they looked, but could never find mines Momma or mines brofurs ‘n sisfurs.

furst thing they did wuz ta take mine piksure. i wuz skeered ta come outs from tha cage. ‘n they wuz skeered ta take me outs. theys took tha piksure wif me in tha cage. they’s decided i wasn’t ‘doptable after that. they labeled me “uncooperative” wif “attitude problems” ‘n from theres tha labels gotted worser.

’bout that time, i sees an angel. a reel, honest ta goodness angel. she rushes over ta pick me’s up. i hissed a little, but i’s skeered. tha angel didn’t mind, she knews i wuz afraid. she talked ta me’s ‘n i lets her pick me up. o, it felt so good ta be hugged. i could smell offer cats on hers, nice cats. but i wuz still a little skeered.

that wuz a Sunday, ‘n tha angel wuz holding me ‘n whispers ta me that she’s gonna gets me a home. she promises!

i’s gonna stop my story here’s, till next week. i gots ta go check out all tha stories today. fanks fur reading mine.

…who’s aboard tha Friday Ark?

10/19 Thursday

Well, it’s not exactly snuggling, but it’s a start.

Right before I took this picture, KC had been huddled up against Bear’s back legs. Bear probably squirmed until she moved. Bear looks like she might be having some doubts.

And Missy wants nothing to do with either of them.

10/17 – Tabbie Tuesday

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Missy, sleeping.
Note Quincy fev-ver near paw.

One of Missy’s beautiful paws.