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10/16 – Banners

These are the three pests pets that share our home.
Bear [left] is 16.5-years old, a female registered charcoal tuxedo poodle.
KC [middle] is 3.5 months old, a notorious feral with a “record”.
Missy Blue Eyes [right] is a 4-year old female smokey-brown tabby.

I was trying to make a simple banner and this is what I got so far.

Don’t forget this is National Feral Cat Day

… and KC and Missy are both ex-feral cats!

12 weeks with Little KC

Today, Saturday, at just about this time (2:00 pm), I met little KC. One look and I was in love. She barely weighed 13 ounces.

Twelve weeks have flown past. She will be four months old in about a week. Already she is an accomplished “Offishul Repurrter” for the Cat Blogosphere, an avid hunter, an intrepid climber, and just all around great cat.

In honor of our Three Month Anniversary today, I am posting photos not of her many activities, but of her at rest — which is actually the only time I can take pictures of her.

My favorite thing about the way she looks, besides her face markings, is that her fur is so crazy and mixed up. She is like a bright orange and white striped kitty with a black veil of soft fur. And check out that little golden paw and the pink pads.


this is a pikshure mommie tooked, Missy squeezed herselfs in this tiny lil basket ‘n wented to sleeps. i finks she wuz hidin from me!

i’m not gonna post much heres, gonna refers u to tha Cat Blogosphere fur a lil bit of noos ‘n some freebies.

i’s got more bloggin cat news to add, there be lots goin on, but my paws gots tired typin.


o, hi, here’s i am, KC, ur offyshul ree-purrter fur us bloggin cats at tha Cat Blogosphere.

i’s not ree-purrtin heres, jus testin out my “ree-purrter” pose…what ‘cha fink?

T’morrow, Frootbat Friday, will also be Freebie Friday. i’s finded sum neat fings free fur us cats ‘n fur their mommies. (ooops, sorry mommie, i letted tha “cat out of tha bag”. i fixes it, mommie, me’s try again…)

t’morrow is Frootbat Friday ‘n i’ll have surprises news fur effurryone at tha Cat Blogosphere ‘n we’s gotted a bunch of new poodies wif bloggies, too.

(‘k, mommie, i fixed it again….)

‘k, well, now i’s gotta get sum nappies, ’cause i’s got to ree-purrt all tha news fur Friday.

T-3 Toosday


Two out of Three ain’t bad!

Happy T-3 Toosday!

11 weeks with KC

Here is beautiful Missy, snoozing peacefully while I work on the blogs. Click to biggify and look at that cute little heart-shaped nosie.

Finally found KC a kitty condo — at Walmart! Only $30, has 3 stories and the shelves inside are split, so KC can climb without going outside. She loves it.

10/06 – Frootbat Friday

What’s this?
Check out FROOTBAT FRIDAY on the Cat Blogosphere ‘n finds out. also, u’s kin lets me know if my ree-portin’s okay ‘n if there’s sumfin u’d likes to see there. any suggestshuns?

so furs, i’s founded Kaze, Skeezix, ‘n Luxor. i be lookin fur more ta add to tha list.

me ‘n CatZee is usin tha frootbats ta be our role models, so we’s knows how ta do tha Tortie Toosday right!