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this morning it wuz 83 degrees, now it is 34 wif a 26 mph wind. brrr.

Daddie Charley gotted a “warming throw” ‘n i decided to try it out.

Bear hafs ta go out ta walk ‘n hers haf a coat ta keep warm…

i luvs Bear so much… we shares food ‘n we snuggles together at night.


A Candle for Ana

My good friend ‘n sisfur gatorrista, Ana, is furry sick.

Hers jus finded out she has “renal insufficiency“, whateffer that is.

Ana, in true Gatorrista Tough-A*s Tortie-TriColor spirit sez:
¡¡Esta enfermedad no podrá conmigo!! ¡Muhahahahahá!
(This disease will not conquer me!! Muhahahahaha!)

Please purr-ray fur Sweet Ana — stop by hers bloggie ‘n leaf a message ta cheer her up.

Wordless Wednesday

TA Tortie Toosday

Here’s Miss ToughA** Tortie right this minute, after meds, sound asleep on Daddie Charley after posting a ree-purrt for the Cat Blogosphere.

Going to pickup KC…YEAH!

We’ll leaving to fetch the little sweetheart right now.
Will have pictures when we get back…and also new pictures for Seventh Heaven…Dr. Smith & Staff have some gorgeous kittens for adoption. See ya….

…and we’re back!

The first thing KC did was greet Bear, who had really missed her.
Next she ran for her red cube from the 2 B’s.
Then she jumped up on the counter for some chicken baby food.

I’ve never heard her slurp when she eats…

…she shoveled that food down.

Once she finished the whole jar of baby food…

…she did a bit of grooming.

Then back to the cube, out for a big drink of water…

…and a bit of looking around, from the safety of her cube.

KC is 5 Months Old Today…Updated

KC is still very sick.
She may be able to come home late Monday or Tuesday. Maybe!
She’s a little fighter.
Rosie (who else) said she’s a “tough a*s tortie“.
This was the only other photo we took yesterday.
It doesn’t look much like KC.
My heart is broken, I miss her so much.
But I know she is getting the best care available and then some!
Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.


The Taylor CatSSSSS and Deb have dedicated their blog to the wonderful Dr. Kathleen Smith.

We are in the process of updating Seventh Heaven, the cat adoption blog. It will also be dedicated to Dr. Smith. It was originally started because there were seven kittens at the Houston Cat Hospital who needed homes.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa are excited because the gray tabby from the Rhode Island Kitties (Danielle) flies to his new home in Michigan today! He’s going to live with Morgen, “Not The Mama” from Purrchance to Dream. Lucky kitty.

There was a shortage of funds and Danielle‘s children, Mary Claire and Benjamin, paid for most of the plane ticket out of their savings! Danielle raised some wonderful kids, didn’t she.

I understand the money ran out because there was an extra stray at Danielle‘s, missed in the original count, that added to the expenses. In fact, he was a “special needs” cat with extra vet bills. Come on, let’s show Danielle’s kids us grownups can get a few donations going for the cats — and put the money back in their piggy banks. Go to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa’s blog for info on making a donation.

Finally, it’s The 140th Carnival of the Cats hosted at Scribblings today. See you there!

11/25 Visit with KC

She is moving around more than she has in a week.
She wants to be hugged and petted and rubbed.
The top half of her tummy is flat and clean.
The lower part of the tum is still swollen.
The tubes are gone.
Her face is very swollen.
Her eyes are cloudy.
But she’s going to be okay!

Very special thanks to

  • Kat, for staying up late to help me decide what to do about KC
  • Deb, for waking me up early the next morning with the plan
  • Dr. Smith, for resuscitating KC when she stopped breathing during the surgery
  • Beau & Cathy & Kat & Rose & Deb for putting together the Prayer Vigil
  • Beau for his special message to KC (it was printed & delivered to her in the hospital)
  • Each and everyone of you, human and fuzz, for all your support and prayers and messages