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Missy Blue Eyes

Don’t forget THE CARNIVAL OF THE CATS #145 at Watermark

Mog, who encouraged the Carnival of the Cats early on, was in the hospital and needs our help!

…. and Hot(M)BC New Years Eve Party for the Cat Blogosphere!


Former Feral now Hi Tech Kitty

….o, what’s that noise?
…yup, looks like tha printy thing be goin agin…
…i’s gotta makes sure effurrything is all rights…
…count tha pages…
…make sures it stops printin…a ree-purrters work is neffer done.

Wordless Wednesday

‘k, so it won’t be Wordless… hee-hee… I’s gotta tell effurryone now, i’s got a catboyfurriend…

Jack, the Viking Cat… intrepid Vishus Deer Hunter… ‘n handsum Artist Model.

him’s asked me ta be his catgirlfurriend on Christmas Eve, at tha Hot(m)BC partee! whats a wonnerful Christmas… Purrrrssss, KC

Dona Nobis Pacem

[ML] Okay, who wants to wear the Santa hat for the Christmas photo?
KC?… Missy?…

[KC] What?

Not me!!!! [Missy] Been there, done that… remember????
Oh, Bear, what a pretty little Santa you are.
She’s not thrilled, but at least it stayed on long enough to take the picture!

pee ess: i’s gotted a SECRIT! …. purrrrsss, KC

KC Has Company!

Look, it’s Deb & Tatum. KC has grown a bit since Deb saw her last. This is almost five months to the day KC arrived (12/21/06).This is Deb holding KC the day she arrived in Houston (07/22/06)…
KC wants Tatum’s camera strap for her collection!

It was a great visit, KC and Bear entertained us for a few hours. Missy made a brief appearance (not voluntary!) and quickly departed without explanation (maybe a slight hiss).

KC showed how she “drives” the red cube (from The 2 B’s) around the house and over Bear. She demonstrated fetch techniques Bear taught her and showed off her climbing & leaping skills. Bear did what she does best, sat and looked adorable.

Former Feral Friday

This is out of focus, but seconds before I was pounced… look at that intense little face.

Secret Paw

Winter Secret Paw arrived from Xing Lu
there was a ton of stuff in there… some chewies for Bear…
Missy was partial to the jingle ball & KC loved the green mousie
KC attacked the Nutro MaxCat food…I’m buying some!

…and finally, here is our Paw, going out tomorrow morningshipped at 8 a.m. to….muhahahah??????