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WILYTI Wednesday

Missy & KC - Battle for the Kitty Grass
Rosie commented yesterday’s photos were “Walk It Like You Talk It”… and she is right.
So in celebration of Walk It Like You Talk It Wednesday, here’s another picture from the “battle” sequence.

Tabbie & Tortie Tuesday

The adorable, wide-eyed tortie guards the kittie grass…

…but wait, Missy sure seems interested…

…and the battle begins.

Monday Funday

KC on the cabinet
KC is up on the cabinet, working to get the fake ivy on the ground…
KC on the way down
…she gives up and is about to jump down…
KC discovers something
… when she makes a discovery — hey, there’s some of my furriends!

Get autographed photos of OreoSee the photo of Oreo in the pictures above?
This sweet cat is selling autographed photos to raise money for his Mommie Heather’s huge doctor bills!
Oreo also has a CafePress shop where you can order customized gifts.

And directly under the gorgemous photo of Oreo is a Cat Blogosphere Calendar with the collage of all the blogging cats. All money from purchase (price less CafePress fees) is donated to our cat friends in need.
These are two great ways to buy neat gifts and help others at the same time!


KC helps update the Pet Prayer & Praise blog for the week…

… while Missy catches a nap by the window

Formerly Feral Friday

This formerly feral tabbycat has stopped
munching fresh-grown kitty grass
to see what her sister is doing…

… looks like this formerly feral tortie got some Temptations!


Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted at Bustopher and Harmon’s this weekend!
The 149th Carnival of the Cats is heading over to Mind Of Mog on Sunday.

Thursday 13, Kittie Style

13 fings i likes ta do on a rainy day… KC
  1. play fetch wif mine camera strap
  2. munch on kitty grass
  3. look fur spiders ta chase
  4. climb wayyyy up on tha cabinet tops
  5. leap out from behind sumfing ‘n skeer someones
  6. eat Tem-ta-shuns (yum)
  7. snuggle ‘n sleep on Daddie Charley’s chest
  8. climb up tha curtains
  9. sip Dasini out of a water glass like Missy
  10. pounce Bear ‘n Missy
  11. climb tha real live fake tree in tha livin room
  12. play bathtub soccer
  13. nap under mine silk ivy i’s pushed down from tha cabinet top
    (see #4)


This is about as tough as the cats get on these cool, rainy days. Mostly they nap. Missy has settled in for a nice round of munching on the fresh kitty grass.
Look who decides to challenge her!

KC pushes in and tries to get Missy to move, swatting with her paw.

Although I just missed it in the last photo,
Missy let out one of her famous Biggie Hissies and swatted back.
KC backed off (literally and figuratively).
Missy nibbled uninterrupted.
Guess Missy had a “Walk It Like You Talk It” moment there!