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Happy 17th Birthday, Little Bear


Squillions Day

On August 17th, 2006, Theo arrived at our house, snuggled in his Green Wall Shelter Blanket, holding his birth certificate.

Here is Theo today, with his original GWS Blanket…

…all bundled up for a good night’s sleep.

(more about Theo tomorrow!)

Tortie Toosday

KC Flopped Over Asleep
Amazing how she can relax like that!
Theo, my Squillion
Don’t furrget tomorrow is Squillions Day! Our post will be all about Theo.

Best Friends

Bear and KC napping

KC snuggling with Bear

Technical Cat

KC sets up Pet Prayer and Praise blog for Prayer Vigil 2/22/07
KC working hard to set up the Pet Prayer & Praise blog for Thursday night’s Prayer Vigil.

Wacky Wednesday

KC and the Screensaver
KC looks behind the monitor

Tortie Tuesday