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Auction for Jody Ends Today – 12 Noon Eastern

Auctions ended at 12 noon EDT, 11 am CDT, 10 am MDT, 9 am PDT
To view or bid on my items, use this link

Brand new heated kitty cup & convertible catnip bed!
Kitty Afghans – $90 – Marilynn & Momma Grace
Sterling Fish Charm – $50 – Danielle & Jake

As promised, since items went over $40, I am offering a bonus, the winners choice of a solid sterling silver kitty collar charm.

As you can see, I wasn’t working alone!

The bottom charm is just to show off what Robyn custom made for Bear, decreeing her an Honorary Puddin. It is really pretty because it sparkles and it’s light enough for her to wear, but large enough to be seen. Thought everyone might enjoy seeing it.


I got tagged by Sanjee! so’s i’s haf ta list 5 reasons why i’s blogging.

Five Reasons Why I Blog by KC

  1. I wouldn’t be heres if it weren’t fur blogging!!! Karen C finded me, Deb handled tha legal stuff ta get me released, Rose (The Royals) was air traffic controller, it was quite an effort.
  2. I like to see what effurryone is up to
  3. I got lots ta say
  4. It’s lotsa fun
  5. I like to meet new cats ‘n nice woofies ‘n beans

‘n nows i’s haf ta tag five puddins: Emma, Jazper, Jack (purrr), Catzee an Earl Grey.

Here’s me ‘n Missy celebrating our Kat’s Cat of the Day annipurrsaries yesserday wif some yummy Temptations. Ummmm.


Guess what? i’s Kat’s Cat of the Day today!!!
yessirree, me, tha tough a*s tortie.
‘n guess what else?
it’s tha one-year annibersary of Missy being Kat’s Cat of the Day!!!
Us two sisfurs, a year apart!

Wordless Wacky Wednesday

Auction for Jody

This auction is for Jody Harmon. You can read all about Jody on the Cat Blogosphere and on her blog, Cat Eyes. We have several great donations on the Cat Blogosphere, will be auctioning those later this week.
Danielle is currently auctioning two really nice brand new cat/pet beds on her blog, be sure and check those out.

This auction is for a gorgeous crocheted kitty afghan and collar charm. The size is 26″ square. The yarn is acrylic and in a beautiful mix of natural, deep tan, aqua and sage. The winner will be getting a brand new, never used, afghan.

The charm is by Robyn of Hot(M)BC. The stone is a faceted aqua aura. It is a beautiful, sparkling stone, one of my favorites. There is a tiny bali bead at the top and then the fish charm. The entire charm is about 1″ in length. Attached are both a clip ring and a split ring.

If you remember, when I announced the auction, originally there two afghans. While attempting to take photographs, KC claimed one as her own!

She has been inseparable from this, even so far as to drag it to a different room!

Hmmm, I wonder where KC is??? I don’t see her, do you?
When I first saw these afghans, I thought of Meezer colors.
However, they sure look good on KC and Missy.
Tha Rulez
To bid, just leave an amount in the comments.
The auction will close Saturday at noon (EDT).
The cat(s) with the highest bids at 12:01 Saturday afternoon will win.
Payment can be made directly to Jody’s Paypal account, if desired.
We will cover the cost of shipping via Priority Mail (within US) to the lucky winner(s).
If bidding on either item exceeds $40, a special surprise gift will be included.


Photo is a little dark, taken without a flash, showing a gorgeous Missy.
(click to biggify, it looks better)

And KC is just beginning to enjoy Spring and all the bugs.

Thank you, Kat…

…for a year of gorgeous, grown-up cats!
(We wouldn’t be blogging if it weren’t for Kat!)