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Tomorrow KC goes to the vet –she has been grieving long and loud — and I just figured it out yesterday.
At night she roams the halls meowing and crying at the top of her little lungs. She used to “patrol” and check on Bear, who slept in on the couch. Sometimes KC (and Missy) would sleep nearby Bear, watching over her.
During the day KC constantly whines for attention, but nothing helps. Then she has these “tears” where she is like a mad cat. She runs the halls, climbs the curtains, the shower curtain, tries to climb the walls ! Just a fury of activity.


Missy is by my side constantly now and is a great comfort.


Well, I’m back, sort of. Trying to adjust to life without Bear. She was by my side for seventeen plus years. And she was a lot of work, especially as she got older. Believe it or not, all the free time is depressing.
I want to thank everyone who sent cards, left comments, called, etc. I promised to thank everyone individually, but just am not up to re-reading everything right now. There is a huge Bear-shaped hole in my heart that nothing will ever fill.
To all of you, your support meant so much. Thank you for being there.

Purr-raying fur Lilly Lu

Get well soon Lilly Lu, we’s missin u’s.
Luv, Missy ‘n KC

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Rest in Peace, Sweet Bear

My Sweet Bear went home at 12:15 am central time. She had been sleeping in my arms, where she died.


UPDATE: Bear is home again, but has to return tomorrow for observation and fluids. KC was overjoyed when I put her down on the floor, she has stayed close to Bear every since. Bear really does not feel good, it’s very difficult to watch her gasping for air and unable to stand up.


Bear is back at the vet to spend the day, possibly the remainder of the weekend.

They said she had some slight improvement after being home for the night. They are running more tests ($$$) today to determine exactly how much heart damage there is. Her lungs are so full of fluid they really couldn’t view the heart in the xrays. The doctor that performs the echo test visits the clinic on demand ($$$$$) and he is scheduled one day next week.

A bright spot today was, again, Karen Jo’s limericks, this time about Bear.

Little Bear has never figured out she is not a cat. And KC does adore her. When we brought her in last night from the vet, no one could get near her, KC was at her side from then on. Bear slept in on the couch and both KC and Missy slept near her, keeping watch.