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There is a beautiful young Momma Tortie and her three gorgeous babies on our porch. The Momma seems to have been a “discard”, as she is very domesticated. She has terrific markings and very long hair. Momma Tortie’s kittens come in a nice selection of colors: basic black with a bit of white, a yellow stripey and the soft grey longer hair. All come attired in tuxedos.

I would foster her and the kits, but we are in assisted living and have our two-pet quota with KC and Missy.

They are on my porch where the temperature in the direct SE sun is 97 degrees F. I put a shade up over the chairs and am freezing plastic bags of ice for them. They have food and water. I would like to find foster home or no-kill shelter in the Houston-Katy-Sugarland area. Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.


KC’s 1st Birthday – The Aftermath

KC got a WhirlyBird. KC & Tazz enjoyed playing with it.
Woofies (at least this one) really like these, too.
Lazer Eyes! This Whirlybird makes her crazy.
KC also got a tall kitty tree.
The Skybox at the top (5.5′) has sides so she can’t roll off.
Here she contemplates the ceiling, eager to get up there and walk on it.
The mid-level is handy for just hanging out, plus there’s fev-vers.

It’s also a good place for grooming toesies.

pee ess: Beezer’s Mommie gotted tha cool red purse on ours Auctions for Pippy… check out tha pickshures.

KC’s 1st Birthday

Can you believe KC is one year old?
Today, June 26, was chosen as KC’s official un-official birthday,
to honor Karen C’s grandmother’s birthday.
[Karen C rescued a tiny KC from the “back room”, then she and Deb Taylor worked really hard to have her released]

We’ve got goodies set out if you’d like….

Missy and I made lots and lots of mouse cupcakes.

Missy made her almost-famous Cool Cat drink… a secret mix of tuna water and catnip.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing KC’s first birthday with us.

Missy’s Summer Secret Paw

Yummmmm, this package sure smells grrrreat!
Look, it’s addressed to ME!
I knew it…. NIP!
… and a Squiggle, too….
And lots and lots of stuff…. look at it all, KC!
Oh, here’s Missy’s picture, isn’t she beautiful. We look a bit alike.
Thank you, Sweet Missy, for my wonderful Summer Secret Paw.

(click here for info about Summer Secret Paws)

Rest In Peace, Sweet Chatham

Chatham went to the Rainbow Bridge at 4:30 this afternoon.
He will be missed!

(scroll down for the Auctions for Pippy)

Auction for Pippy

Pippy and his family had a very scary ordeal when he had a 31″ string removed from his intestines (read more on Pippy’s Blog). The vet bills are equally scary and his captors have established a PIPPY RECOVERY FUND to help out.

These items will be offered until Saturday noon Central Time. Place your bids in the comments. 100% of your donation will go directly to Pippy’s Captors. You can pay for your item via Pippy’s PayPal or make other arrangements with them.Click on photos to biggify!!!


Bag #1 is a beautiful, oversized coin purse from Zoe Designs. It features a pair of stunning, blue-eyed Meezers on the front, and several adorable stripey cats on the back. The lining is black taffeta and it measures 4.75″ width and 3.50″ deep.
Bag #2 is a beautiful, oversized coin purse also from Zoe Designs. This features bold red with a Ying-Yang theme. The lining is black taffeta and it measures 4.75″ width and 3.50″ deep.


This set includes a small tote bag (8 x 7.5 x 4.5″ deep at bottom) with roomy front pocket and straps (about 7″ drop), oversized coin/card bag (5 x 3.75″) with keyring, checkbook cover (3.5 x 6.75″), and cell phone or ipod case (2 x 3.5 x 1.5″). They are lined with soft natural cotton. The coin/card bag and the cell phone/ipod case close securely with velcro. The cell phone/ipod case has an attached strap to fit around belt or a larger bag.

Use Pippy’s Paypal link to make a donation… no amount is too small!


Here is a picture of Margaret’s puppy, Tazz. Doesn’t she look a lot like Bear? Bear & Tazz always thought they were sisters. Our doggies introduced us to Tommy and Margaret, that is how we met.
We are keeping Tazz while her Mommy Margaret is in the hospital. She and KC love to romp and play.

UPDATE 6/20: Margaret has a very bad case of pneumonia and two collapsed lungs. She is being monitored around the clock and is on pain management.