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Dinah’s Six Pack



UPDATE: There are a total of SIX kittens. Found another tuxie when changing the bedding this morning!
We changed the appointment at the Houston Cat Hospital until tomorrow at 1:30 pm. We lost too much sleep last night to even function. This first photo is blurry, but you can get an idea of how the kittens look. This is one of the “noir” cats (thanks, Rose):
Here’s three of the six, just hours old. There are two Charcoals, two Noirs, and two Tuxie Juniors. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIX PACK!
Also, Margaret comes home from the hospital in a few hours. Just too much going on here!


Well, Dinah wouldn’t wait!!! The doctor’s appointment was for 2 pm today and the C-section was scheduled for tomorrow moring! I went in as she was delivering the fifth tiny kitten. All the kittens are very healthy — and loud — and the little mommie is doing great. There may be more….???!!!
This is #4, perched on Mommy Dinah’s shoulder (you can see her white whiskers to the upper right). #4 was still in its little bag making gasping noises, so I cleaned it up. #5, the latest kitten, is nursing. And #1-#2-#3 are beside her, wrapped in a clean sheet for warmth. Dinah is dozing off and on.


This is Dinah (named by Bari of Cat Happy). We brought her indoors because she is very, very small and very pregnant. We are keeping her quarantined in the bathroom until she goes to the vet and is checked for diseases.
Her appointment is Tuesday at 2:00 pm central time. Dr. Smith is worried that she is too young and too small to deliver kittens, so they may have to be aborted.
If you remember, this is the same cat I photographed in early December, so we know she is at least 7 months old.
Update on Margaret: She will possibly have emergency surgery this morning (7/30). There is some underlying liver damage from the removal of the tumors a few weeks ago. Please keep her in your prayers.

Former Ferals on Friday


Skeezix has proclaimed today GRR, MIDNIGHT & COCOA DAY. Read about it on the Cat Blogosphere, on Skeezix’s bloggie, and then stop by and congratulate the Triple Threat on another job well done!Here’s KC relaxing in the lower level of her new house.

Look at her laser eyes!
You can see remnants of the last whirlybird by the door.
The mid-level is at the top of the picture, and from there it goes up to the skybox.

KC’s 1st Gotcha Day!

A year ago today, 7/22, little KC boarded a Continental jet and made the long flight from LA to Houston.
It doesn’t seem like a year, it seems like KC has been here forever.
Special thanks to Karen C & Deb for all their hard work getting KC cleared to travel.
And another thank you to QM Rose, who served as air traffic controller for KC’s flight.
If you go to the archives for July 2006, you can scroll down for posts of the first seven days of KC’s life here.

7/22/06 – KC snuggling with her Daddy Charley exactly one year ago.

[as soon as I can get Charley & KC to cooperate, will add a current picture of the “huge” KC today, snuggling on Charley]

End of the Week

This is one of the things received during the hectic day Wednesday (although I kept insisting it was Tuesday). Mom Robyn made the beads from rose-petals and then created the rosary. It is a handmade real rose-petal bead rosary. Click to biggify and see the detail. It is just beautiful. And it features St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals. And guess what else? KC got another camera strap!

Margaret was moved from ICU into a room late Wednesday night. She is sitting up 4 hours at a time. Talking, eating and doing very well. She could be released within the next week… but she will probably have to go to rehab.