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Rest In Peace, Sweet Oscar


Wordless Wednesday

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Tabby, Tuxie & Tortie Tuesday

Missy “napping” and pretending not to hear me talking to her
(but the tail movement gives her away).
This is Tuxie Twin of the Mites.
Yesterday she ate kitten chow and drank water from her Mommy Dinah’s bowl.
More photos of KC really enjoying her new Snuggle!
See how “purrfectly” hidden she is in the first photo.
Love the way she holds her tail between her back paws while she sleeps.


KC making love paws on her gorgeous new snuggle.
She really really likes it.

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The Mites will be ONE MONTH OLD on Tuesday!

Blogblast for Anastasia

Update: Per Beau‘s excellent suggestion, there will be a Chatzy Room open on the Pet Prayer & Praise Blog to coincide with the time of Skeezix’s “One Hopeful Minute” of Purrayers and Purrs for Anastasia.
Thank you, Skeezix, great idea.
Be sure and drop by Skeezix’s bloggie and add your name to the list of participants.

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Claws of Doom

Todays Episode: No Thumbs, No Problem
Subtitled: The Claws of Doom
See the whole story on the Mites bloggie:

KC Gets A Gift, Too!

i’s wuz so surprized, there was sumfing fur me in that package yesserday…
lookie at this beeyouteeful soft fluffy blankie!
an it wuz all tied up wif green ribbon an a taggie wif mine name…
O, this ribbon be so much fun, specshully sitting on this soft snuggle!
Tazz asked could she come up on tha suggle, but it’s jus fur me.
so’s tha ribbon.
Sure is purrty colors, looks kinda familiar… reminds me of sumfing.
Thanks DKM, fur tha soft warm snuggly, i’s luvs it. Purrrs, KC