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It Gets Better!

Hey Missy, how are you doing today?
Mommie ML, we need to talk!
Unless I’m here by your desk, I don’t have anywhere to go.
KC, Dinah, the Mites and Tazz know my special hidey spots.
It’s not fair, I was here first!

You know, Missy, funny you should bring that up.
I’ve been working all morning on the middle room (aka storage closet).
It’s not finished, of course, but come take a look…

Wow, this isn’t bad.
Here’s your computer stuff — she likes to repair & build computers.
Lookie. Here’s some of my very own toys.
This is great, Mommie ML.

Oh, Missy, come take a look over here….

See this ancient chair I brought out?
Look behind it, what do you see?
It’s your carrier you love so much, with your Gizzy Quilt inside.
Safely hidden away.
Now we can come in here and close the door.

And that’s exactly what we did.
Missy found her silly snake and buddy pillow and a little nip.
We played for about an hour.
Then I had some tea and did some work while
Missy snuggled into her very own secret hidey place.

Thank you, Mommie ML.


It Gets Worse…

…the Mites have made it to the front room!
First, traitor Tazz has lunch with the Mites.
Nigel rested on KC‘s climbing tree and did KC mind?
Of course not, she was relaxing on the upper deck.
Do-no-wrong Autumn paws at MY beloved bonsai tree.
And the clincher, Tazz and BJ enjoy a rowdy game of calamari.
What a day!
What next?

The Awful Truth

It got quiet today, so I did a little sploring and this is what I found…KC out cold in the living room. Hmmmm.
She certainly seems more tired lately.
There’s no one around so I’ll head to the bedroom and
enjoy the sun in my favorite window.


The bedroom is full of mites, everywhere!
It’s an invasion!
Solitaire Noir
Bond, James Bond
Earl Grey

Mommy ML & Daddy Charley have some ‘splaining to do.
:: muttering :: no, they’ll never leave the bathroom.
Hmmmph! Well, looky here, they’ve taken over the bedroom!
What next??????????
(click on the photos to biggify the adorable Mites…ML)

Something is Going On….

…I have not seen KC today.
There’s lots of activity and noise from the back of the house.
There — did you hear that?
What is going on?
I haven’t gotten off ML’s desk all day long.

For Pixie…

Easy like Sunday Morning!


…and the LOW of it!

National Feline League – KC

here’s i am, reddy to play sum football.
i’s may be little, but once i’s gets suited up, watch out.
i’s one tough ass tortie ‘n i’s wiry ‘n i’s fast.

there are still teams available for the NFL – National Feline League. sign up today ‘n let’s play some football!