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Road Trip…. Welcome Wednesday

UPDATE: The gang is here, and in a huge red double bus! Wowie. What a ride! We’s in Galveston now, on tha beach, with our beeyouteeful fresh buffet and BBQ, having a grand time. The sunrise was great, the whole sky turned peach, reminded us all of Miss Peach. Don’t know where’s we’s off to next, but we’s ready.
Purrs, KC
pee ess: i finks Monty mights be sick. He keeps making this wailing kinda noise. And effurryone else snickers. Must be a see-crit that i don’t knows about. But effurryone is so wonnerful, can’t believe me ‘n Missy gets to meet ’em all. What a fabulous Road Trip. i’s update more later.


Tha Road Trip started wif Devil Dog & Lucky. They’s already picked up Dragonheart, Millie, Mindy & Moe, Georgia & Tillie, Karl, Parker, Mr. Chen and Ollie, Derby, Monty Q, an i don’t know whose else. me an Missy haf missed some grrrreat fun already, an some good eats.

Tha Road Trip Gang should get here about 8 a.m. Can’t wait to meet effurryone. Once we gets all introduced and freshened up, we’ll hit tha road! We’s going to the Gulf of Mexico fur a big seafood buffet breakfast on the seawall. Fresh seafood, right off tha boats, an we’s can pretend we’s wharf cats. Missy Blue Eyes ‘n me packed a big basket of snacks, kitty grass, ‘n sparkling water as well as fresh clean pillows (wif or wifout nip) and blankies so we’s can just relax fur tha 20-mile drive.

Here be tha BIG Galveston Causeway (I-45)… connecting Houston to the island; it is the only way on and off the island. First, there’s a side view, from the ground. Next to it is an ariel view so u’s can see how long tha bridge is.

We’s going to the fisherman’s dock fur some fresh off tha boat goodies.
Tha boats pull right up to tha docks wif their catch…
Yum, yum, that sure looks good.
A grrrreat power breakfast fur us.

We’s can take ours breakfast an go sit on tha Seawall or climb down by tha water.
Anyone who likes can dip them’s toes in the water.
The Seawall is about 17-feet high and was built after tha poor city wuz destroyed by tha Hurricane 0f 1900. The survivors raised that whole entire city by themselves an builded tha seawall fur protectshun.

Okay, i’s gonna try to go to sleep now, i’s so ‘cited. will post more later today and tell effurrycat what’s going on. Purrrs, KC
pee ess: Missy’s already asleep! an i’s know tha Mites are plotting someway to go along, even though our beans say they are too young.

Tortie Tuesday

Here is my new pal, Momma Tortie.
Neighbors called us two nights ago as they watched her carry three tiny kittens to our porch.
This is Baby Tortie. She reminds me of KC, except she is much fatter.
She has longer fur, but has the crazy striped leg patches.

There is an adorable Baby Tuxie with the most beautiful mask.

Finally, there is a very shy black kitten with white socks.
[no photo, too shy]

Mancat Monday

BJ is definitely going to be a large mancat, look at the size of his paws and face.
He is also one of the most affectionate kittens of the litter.
He has some striped markings and almost like the tabby “M” on his forehead.
He also has a glazing of white frosting on most of his body.
Such a sweet, snuggly boy.

Carnival of the Cats!

by Missy Blue Eyes

***** Dedicated to Miss Peach *****

It is going to be difficult to muster up the attitude needed for a Carnival today, due to the illness of a very dear friend. Miss Peach, a beautiful 16 year old, stopped eating and drinking water several days ago. But the show must go on, so they say, and we are dedicating this Carnival of the Cats to the lovely Miss Peach.

Here is the Carnival of the Cats ferris wheel. Look closely at the passengers (biggify) and you will see a watchful KC and all six Mites aboard:
Romp and play in the catnip and kitty grass fields to the right of the Ferris Wheel:
This inspired me to whip up a rare kitty delicacy:

To the left of the CotC Ferris Wheel are the well-stocked buffet tables, napping area and private litter boxes. Platinum water fountains are placed every few feet. A huge climbing tower is located directly behind the CotC Ferris Wheel. Finally, we have Halloween Kitty Quilts for every guest to take home:

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That’s all so far, but keep sending your posts in or leave them in the comments.

KC says hi to everyone, she was babysitting the rowdy Mites with Mom Dinah.

And thanks to Sanjee & Mom Robyn for the wonderful Ferris Wheel & Mites graphic and for the photo of my first batch of Catnip Cotton Candy.

Just checked on Miss Peach’s Blog and there was a a bit of good news. Apparently she has eaten a small amount of cat food and had a bit of water. Please, keep this lovely feline in your thoughts and prayers, as well as her Mommy Karla and LapDaddy.

Thanks for letting me host, hope you enjoyed it… Missy Blue Eyes

Cherish Meme for Miss Peach

Miss Peach Cherish Meme

Effurrycat in tha cat blogosphere was challenged for the Cherish Meme fur Miss Peach. Here is what Sanjee said:

We’s braking the rools a little, but we finks it’s ok this time cuz Miss Peach is such a lovin kitty and we wants to show her lots. So we’s grabbin the meme and taggin ALLA YOO! Anycat, anybean, anybun, anyfurriend, consider yoreself tagged. Heer’s the Cherish Meme rools from Adan’s bloggy (but go tell him yoo fink it’s a way cool meme too).

Adan: …Hey, everyone, this time, I decide to start this cherish meme, here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach~! She always makes us know what love is!

1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)
2. And, hug your mommy, tightly… (and, hug your kitty,tightly…)
3. Tag your good friend…
4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other…
5. And go say hi to Miss Peach and leave her a purr too. After yore huggin a’course.


Our Answers:
1. Follow her around. Missy -Fall asleep in her lap. Sol – Sleep on Daddy Charley’s lap. KC
2. No problem! With 9 cats, we hug a lot!
3. Sanjee tagged tha whole entire CB! So go ahead and copy this.
4. No problem – see #2 above.
5. We’s checked Miss Peach’s blog bout 100 times today.

KC and Dinah

Notice that KC’s paws are around Dinah’s neck!
KC and Dinah snuggle up for a nap.
A laser-eyed Dinah is groomed by KC.

Wordless Wednesday

(Okay, two words: Thanks, Zoolatry)