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Former Ferals on Friday

How quick they learn! (Mites pulling Temptations out of bag!)
Bond’s the name, James Bond. (aka Mr. Moustache — see it?)
KC grooming BJ. (See BJ’s stripes?)
Solitaire Noir’s closeup. (Notice the white lips…so cute!)
Four lazer-eyed Mites come out of their favorite hiding place.
(for today, anyway…!)


About the Challenge by Grr, Midnight & Cocoa:
I am waiting for Charley to assist with cat wrangling.
KC forgets and starts grooming the kittens every time.
It is our plan to get all 13 cats in the picture.
Rephrase, all 13 live cats in the picture.

Question to GM&Cyou didn’t mention faces or position (that is, traditional photo “pose”), so we figure just so some identifiable portion of each cat is in the photo, we’ve got it.
It may not be pretty, but we’re gonna give it a try!


Wordless Wednesday – Jack

(fanks, Zoolatry, fur making mine purrfect card)

Mancat Monday – BJ

Look at that intense expression. BJ is defending his calamari.
(this photo was taken looking down as he climbed vertically up the back of the chair)
Victory! He is now at the top, calamari in tow. What a mancat.

Easy Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning on the computer, feet on desk, and BJ in my lap.
His head almost reaches my knees when he stretches out.
I always wanted a purring, biscuit-making, head-butting love bug of a little cat.
It’s going to be very hard to give him up, if indeed I do.
Dinah had a litter of love bugs.
I cuddled them so much from the day they were born,
they don’t know any better.

Saturday Caturday – A Conversation

Missy (waking up): Wha… what are you doing here, Dinah, on MY chair???
And so close to me???
Dinah: Well…. you don’t mind sharing… do you?
Dinah (continuing): After all, it’s a really big chair… and I like a little snuggle!
Missy (peeved): I was here first and this IS my chair! Now scram!
:: Hissing ::
(Missy goes back to sleep, Dinah moves to the back of the chair)

I posted an update on the LA Hoarder Cats situation on the Cat Blogosphere.
Thanks to everyone who donated and to all those who prayed. ML

Thankful Former Feral

It is cold outside (for Houston): 43 F with 10 mph North winds.
KC is snuggled up asleep, warm and happy she is no longer a feral.
She is also worn out from wrangling kittens all day long.

Happy Fanksgiving