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Carnival of the Cats — Tonite…

Stop by tonight’s Carnival an enjoy’s some of mine own Toona Wassail, piping hot,
wif some yummy ham or chiken cookies. Yum yum.
Pre-Christmas Eve Edition
Hosted by KC & Missy Blue Eyes


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Missy Rushed to Vet (…she’s fine!)

All of us, especially KC, were really worried about Missy.
She started throwing up Thursday night, drinking tons of water,
sneezing, her eyes were swollen shut,
and — most shocking of all — she refused food!

The wonderful Dr. Smith and excellent staff graciously
worked her into their overbooked Friday schedule.
Turns out it was the same thing Momma Tortie had about two weeks ago.
We got the fishy (phew) lysine sprinkles for the food, some eye drops,
and, if needed, antibiotic for the next few days.
Dr. Smith noted Missy had “fight wounds” about the head
and I recalled Momma Tortie did also. Hmmmm.

I also asked them to shave Missy’s fur mats off her rear,
back where her voluptuous figure prohibits her from grooming.
She can’t relax and sit comfortably.
Then I became fascinated with the patterns on her skin
as well as the vertical appearance of the individual hairs:
there are 3-4 different areas (biggify the photo).
The base is brownish, then a much lighter area,
a darker area above that and finally a glistening “tip”.
Oh, and she can do a highly immodest full monty now!

Former Feral Friday

KC has worked very hard to train the next generation of Teknickle Cats.
This team is made up of Sol, Earl and James Bond.
So what does a Master Teknickle Cat [MTC] do once the team is trained?
Why, take a nap, of course.

effurrycat, send me pickshures of ur trees an gifts an outfits an treats fur tha Holly-day Carnival of the Cats. we’ll meet at the Cat Blogosphere on Sunday night an share our holly-day fun. tha next day — Monday — is tha Cat Blogosphere’s 2nd Annual Chrissy-Mouse Eve partee….Purrs, KC

pee ess: u’s can email in ur submissions right to me (kc AT catblogosphere DOT com) if u’s don’t wanna bother wif tha submission form. K?

Double-Tortie Thursday

DaisyMae Maus sent a furriend fur mine teeny Squillion, CK.
Wasn’t that sweet? Fanks, DMM & FA
Don’t they looks cute togefer?
The new one looks like Baby Tortie in yesserday’s post.

Sunday, 12/23, Missy and i’s hosting tha wonnerful CARNIVAL OF THE CATS over at the Cat Blogosphere. Get those posts submitted, especially holly-day related, we wants ta see ur’s dekorashuns an outfits an cards an presents an treats. it’s gonna be lots and lots of fun. Purrs, KC

pee ess: Mommie ML’s bitey wrist started swellin again tonight, she said wait ta see how it looks in tha morning. But hers gotted a good doctor now, so no worries. Fanks fur all tha good wishes and purr-rayers.

Wordless Wednesday

See Baby Tortie’s gorgeous AMBER eyes!

Update: I’m feeling better already. Dr. Bob gave me stronger antibiotics (pills and a shot). The wound already looks much better, some of the swelling is down. Also have to treat it at home using hot packs, elevation and antibiotic ointment (RX). I go back in two days for another shot. Thank you so much, Deb, for getting me in to see him so fast!!!

Torti & Tuxie Tuesday

Momma Tortie attacked Missy Blue Eyes on our “Easy Like Sunday” morning. Since Missy doesn’t have any claws, I jumped in to separate them. Mistake! Momma Tortie bit me on the right wrist, really hard. I did snatch Missy out of the way.

Sunday night the site of two large puncture wounds began to swell and turn firey red. The redness almost circled my arm. And, had a blood streak on my arm. It was very painful to move my fingers. Monday morning the entire wrist halfway up to my elbow was swollen to twice it’s size. I couldn’t even use my right hand.

Charley made me go to the doctor Monday. After a blood test, tetanus shot, RX for antibiotics and pain, and a stern warning about the dangers of getting bitten by a domestic cat, I was sent home to rest.

When we got home, Missy and Momma Tortie were sitting, side by side.

Former Ferals Friday – Gifts

The mug we won at Opus & Roscoe’s auction arrived today.
It was from Daisy.Baby Tortie & Tippy examined it carefully.
Tippy said Daisy is “…so purrty” he wanted to give her picture a kiss.
Our order from Artsy-Catsy arrived later today.
, our Squillion, is guarding it from the kitties.
These items are so much prettier in person (click to biggify).
Missy & KC
are excited about giving these gifts to our neighbors.

The heart-shaped kitty charms are going to
‘s cats, Cuddles & Puddles
and to Gail‘s cat, Phaedra.
The bone-shaped dog charms are going
to our NOMSS friends, Tazz & Schatze.

The former-vishus-deer bookmark (right) is going to Sally, who loves red.
She’ll probably drape it on the rear-view mirror of her red* sportscar
(*I call it “arrest me red).