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RIP Schatzie

“Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you…..
I loved you so —
’twas Heaven here with you.”

–by Ilsa Paschal Richardson


aka Harley Dude was helped to the Rainbow Bridge today
at approximately 10:30 a.m.
We believe Schatzie knew what today was about.
He jumped up on the vet’s table, licked us all one final time.
When the injection was given, he took a final breath and relaxed.
Really relaxed, for the first time in years, free from pain.
I know Bear was there to greet him at the Bridge,
as they were best friends in life.
Please keep his Mommie Lynn in your thoughts and prayers.


Saturday Caturday – KC & Sol

Aren’t they cute! Nuf said.

Please check out the post on the Cat Blogosphere, a Friend Needs Help.
My neighbor and long-time friend, Lynn, is having to make a
painful decision about her best friend, Schatzie.
We would appreciate any comments or advice you have, plus support and prayers.
Thank you in advance…ML

Thoughtful Thursday

While posting all the wonderful entries for the
Carnival of the Cats this past week,
I noticed Bond was watching one particular post with great interest.
The cat artiste who created a unique statement in paper towels sculpture.
Bond is certainly no novice in paper sculpture,
he has extensive experience with t.p. [toilet paper],
but he has never lifted a paw towards a project as ambitious as this.
Until he saw that post.
Let’s watch him work.

Once the vision is clearly defined in his mind’s eye,
Bond makes the first decisive moves toward achieving his vision.
He is judging his efforts thus far with a very critical eye.
Ah, the artist working with a passion.
Bond has paused and appears to be contemplating…
perhaps which direction to take next?
Looks like he made a good choice.
While not as intricate as his untitled and unsigned inspiration
it is an adequate first effort, don’t you think?

Mancat Monday – Tribute to Caesar

April 15, 1991 – January 20, 2008


I just wanted to let you know that I made it home.
The journey wasn’t an easy one, but it didn’t take too long.

Everything is so pretty here, so white, so fresh and new
I wish that you could close your eyes and that you could see it too.

Please try not to be sad for me. Try to understand
God is taking care of me…I’m in the shelter of His hands.

Here there is no sadness, no sorrow, and no pain.
Here there is no crying and I’ll never hurt again.

Here it is so peaceful when all the angels sing.
I really have to go for now… I’ve just got to try my wings.



Our prayers to Caesar’s Mom and Dad.
And keep Caesar’s sister, Princess, in your prayers.
She and Caesar were littermates and have spent their lives together.


Thanks to Kavan for the idea of using this Mancat Monday as a tribute to Caesar.

Carnival of the Cats #201


Carnival of the Cats #201 is dedicated to Caesar
April 15, 1991 – January 20, 2008

Storm‘s Carnival entry this week is a tribute to Caesar.
Sanjee left a lovely tribute on the Cat Blogosphere.
Check out Sophia’s In Memoriam to Caesar.
suggested using tomorrow’s post, for Mancat Monday,
as a way for each cat to post a tribute to Caesar.

Sorry for the delay, but we had a power outage most of the afternoon.
KC did manage to make a batch of her famous mouse cupcakes
and piping hot tuna wassail to warm every cats tummy.
So help yourself and we hope you enjoy the carnival.

Now, what have the cats been up to this week?

Chey proved she is quite the wiley politician when she countered Hillary’s tears with one better. Hee hee.

Laurence learned some people didn’t think Edloe was a real cat.

Ferdinand shares a little advice on the importance of “the look”.

We have an artistic cat who created a cat masterpiece of art. Maybe we should have an art festival?

While Luna is all packed for the move, her beans are not.

Last week, Henry could sit in his window and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. This week… brrr!

Mimi turned four this week and Ted appears to be plotting.

Some cats made a mess. Like the Turkey Cats, with all their toys out!

And Ruse enjoying the way Audace re-decorated their house.

Naps are always popular! Check out the sleeping position at The Ivy Files.

Tigger has an interesting sleep position, too!

Pixel and Pica snuggle for a nap.

Gypsy is in a comfy position for a nap after she and Tasha won an award.

Eric enjoys a Sunday snuggle with his DadBean.

The price of being a housecat… Tiny is awakened to have her picture taken.

Empress discovered Queen Snickers favorite sleeping spot. Uh-oh.

Puddy got HER bed back (i.e., the house guest left).

Of course, food is right up there with the naps.

Cece is back to his old tricks of mooching; sometimes he brings a friend!

Certain she’s being poisoned, Bonnie has Victor eat first, then checks his health.

As usual, there are photos of gorgeous and handsome.

Peanut is lethal, fearless and terminally cute.

Speaking of cute, check out Dragonheart and his little brother, Merlin.

More unbearable cuteness with Mo & Jasmine (Jasmine and KC could be sisters).

And the beautiful Hakuna greets the day with a poem.

The lovely Miss Caitie strikes a pose and Abby ponders.

K T Cat shows off a beautiful Maximum Leader who might become a lap cat.

Beans are very important. Nikita got the most amazing cat tower this week.

Sanjee has photographic proof that Mom Robyn is feeling better.

A shadowy figure has a request for his MomBean.

And Gattina had a very early and busy morning with a hungry (and loud) cat.

The LOL Cat Bible presents Lectionary Readings for the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany.

Read the next entry in Big Tom’s Secret Journal, the first day at Homebase.

See cats in political statements at Watermark.

Finally, you must read Beauty Tips from LOLCats. Very funny.

Well, that’s it for this week.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Next week the Carnival will be hosted at Bad Kitty Cats,
which is always a fun place.

The Carnival of the Cats needs hosts for April, May and June.
It’s fun and easy — as long as the power stays on.
Click here for more information.

Little Mancats

KC: well, i’s finded this in Smokey’s things this morning… isn’t that purrty? i’s asked him about Miss Pixel and he admitted he made this a few days ago, when he saw hers pickshure at tha Love Cafe. Him really wants hers to be hims Valentines. Now she is older than he is… 2 months older. We’s haf to see what she says. She’s another gorgeous little girly cat and she’ll haf her pick fur sure. But at least tha feuding is over. i thinks. hee hee.

On another note, please extend your condolences to Oreo’s mommie Heather. Hers lost her mommie today (Saturday 1/19) and that’s really hard.

And finally, Sol, Smokey and the rest of the Mites will be going in for hoo-haa-ectomies next week, except of course, for the dainty and petite Miss Autumn, who will haf her ladie-garden-ectomie. i’s keep you posted on tha dates as soon as them gets scheduled. it’s hard to believe that Mommie Dinah was younger than Miss Autumn when she had tha litter of Mites.

And join us tomorrow night fur tha Carnival of the Cats. Yaaaa-hooooo!.

What’s Going On?

Sol: Hey, Smokey, wake up! Come on, wake up!
Sol: Do you see what I see????
Smokey: Wowie, I sure do!


KC: i’s dunno whats goin on, but i’ll find out an reepurrt back when i do!
KC: okays, they’s bof asleep in the floor beds,
and there’s sumfing beside Smokey (right),
see at tha very bottom of the picture…..
KC: look! Wow. but who could it be?
still doesn’t ‘splain what they was looking at from tha skybox.

Hmmmm, just read tha comment from Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
they know who tha mysterious photo is.
i’s went to theirs bloggie an fings are starting to make sense.
Gotta check one more fing…
yup… here’s what was on tha computer this morning….
they was looking at lil Riley. Hmmmm.
looks like she joined the LoveCafe just like Sol & Smokey.
i’s gotta haf a talk with those boys. O, boys… boys…..
KC: what’s goin on wif you two? i knows about tha Love Cafe.
Sol: :: blushing:: i’s want Miss Riley to be mine Valentine girl cat.
Smokey: :: looking at floor :: so do i.
KC: well, if either of you is going to have a Valentine, you’d better get busy. Miss Riley is a beauty and there be lotsa kitties wanting her fur a Valentine.
Sol and Smokey: ‘k, we’ll go tell Miss Riley how we’s feel.
KC: well, boys, which one of you asked Miss Riley to be his Valentine?
KC: Sol, Smokey, what happened?
Sol: Err, we kinda… started fighting over Miss Riley.
Smokey: Yeah, jus being beside hers like that, i.. i couldn’t help it.
Sol & Smokey: Now she won’t want either of us. Sigh.
KC: So you had a fight over Miss Riley at the LoveCafe? For all the Cat Blogosphere to see?
Sol & Smokey: [both looking at floor] Yes.
KC: Hmmm, i’ll haf to think on this for awhile. Maybe some of our furriends out there will have some advice on what to do now…?


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