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It’s Squillions Day

February 28th, 2006 is the day that Derby & Virginger started it all.
See the original post, learn about Squillions or adopt a virtual-Squillion of your own.

Hello, Theo here, one of the Original Squillions
from the Green Wall Shelter.
Read about my arrival and about Theo II.
Ha ha, betcha can’t find me in this picture!
I’ve been snacking on real live kitty grass. Not too bad.
Speaking of snacks, betcha can’t tell KC and Faith Boomerang apart.
(Secret Admirer take note!)
Here is the lovely tabby, Missy, sleeping after an afternoon’s play
with nip ravioli, fevvers, and temptations.

Lookie what Tybalt awarded Faith yesterday:

For being the inspiration for Tough *ss Torties and for knowing how to get what she wanted, like any good self-respecting Tortie would! Miss Faith Boomerang, you are an inspiration to us all… Tybalt


Tortie Tuesday – Lesson

I love my new home and want to fit in with everyone.
There must be something new I can learn today.
What is this… there’s lots of water here…
…but how do I get a drink??? What would KC do?
Oh, yes, a glass of water. Gotta steady it with my paw….
…now I’ve got it. Delicious!

There’s a problem with the tortie….

Faith came back with a warning label!
Who? Me? Srsly?

Former Feral Friday – Faith

This says it all. Thank you so much to Ann, of Zoolatry, for creating this.
Another surprise today, this from The Taylor CatSSSSS.
It’s the Foster Cat Angel from Deb’s post when we took the baby cats to the shelter.
(the “simplify” sign is mine)
The little kitty even has whiskers!
Ann made a graphic of Deb’s post, complete with angel and poem, so I can frame it.

One Word Wednesday – Faith

Pee Ess from Missy:

Tortie Tuesday: You Gotta Have Faith!

You might have caught my comment yesterday about the call from CAPS, the local shelter where we took all the cats. It was about Momma Tortie. If you missed it, here it is:

They called me about Momma Tortie today. Apparently she has gone wild. They can’t touch her. I explained her past situation and the fact that even though she was loving with me, there were times she just turned and bit, hard. Then she’d go right back to purring. It didn’t happen very often, but it’s the type of thing you remember.
They do not consider her adoptable. So they are going to send her to a cat refuge. There is a guy that owns a big two story house out in the country on a big fenced piece of land. The cats have the run of the house, and SPECIAL cats, like Momma Tortie, also have outside time to run and hunt and climb. That should be like heaven for her… ML 2/18/2008 08:53:00 PM

Okay, that was good news. Then they had some “bad” news. They couldn’t “handle” Babie Tortie. Literally. She apparently tried to bite a couple of the workers and they were scared of her (after all, she weighs a whole pound). Being so young, with so much attitude, they didn’t see her as having much of a future. She is definitely not a threat around here, unless you considered being “purred to death” a problem. So we brought her back home.

Deb had been telling me before, during my depression over losing a house full of kitties, “you have to have faith”. When I said Babie Tortie needed a new name, Deb stopped and said, “Why, it has to be Faith, of course. Now you have Faith!”

Actually, Deb’s first choice for a name was Boomerang, since she came back to me, but we decided that could be her middle name.

So, may I present to you, the tiny tortie Faith Boomerang Sherwood, another in a long line of petite “yellow dot” torties (we think KC coached her):

Mancat Monday

In memory of my two favorite mancats, Sol & Smokey. Ann made this, it’s great.
Here’s another one from Ann titled “Full House” when all the baby cats were here.